Hack ™

The new way to connect

True Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has become more like "send and wait" messaging. When you want to reach your friends no matter what, you need a new way of communicating. That's why we made Hack.

Consensual Phone Hacking

Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Don't stress - Hack allows secure control of only certain functionality, and only by your friends.

Intrusive Communication

In some situations waiting for someone to read your message is not an option. Hack provides several ways of getting your friend's attention. Read on...

What can Hack do?

With Hack, you can communicate with your friends in several unconventional ways


Yup, we do text messaging. Yawwwn.
However, we also do Text-To-Speech, which will read out your message on your friend's phone, and Text-To-Wallpaper, which sets your friend's wallpaper to your text message.

Get over here!

This Hack sends your GPS coordinates to a friend, then automatically starts their navigation app to show them how to get to you.


Hack your friend's phone vibrator

Picture Hacks

Change your friend's background, or just send them a picture

Open Websites

Hack your friend's browser. To keep it safe, they will be prompted to open(or ignore) the website link.

Get Info about your friend

What's their location, battery level, is their screen on or are they moving at the moment... all good questions that Hack can answer

Play Sounds

Make your friend's phone fart, burp etc.

Flash Hacks

Make your friend's camera flashlight....uh....flash


Hack is available on Android from the Google Play Store

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