How do I use Hack?

  1. For Hack to work, you and your friends must have the app installed.
  2. After you have installed the app, you can send friend requests to your friends who have already installed Hack (by tapping the green "Add Friends" button in the bottom-left corner), OR invite your friends to Hack (with the blue "Share Hack" button in the bottom-right corner).
  3. Once you have sent out your friend requests, you have to wait for your friends to accept it. Their names will not show up on the main "Friends" page until they have accepted your friend requests.
  4. When your friend accepts your friend request, they will show up on the main page. You can now start exploring Hack's capabilities!

I received an invitation from someone I don't recognise. What should I do?

As Hack is much more powerful than your run-of-the-mill chat apps, it is advised to only accept friend requests from people you know personally. If you have recieved a friend request from a stranger, you can DENY or BLOCK their friend request, they will not be notified of your choice. You can "unfriend" a person by tapping on their avatar image on the main page.

What is the difference between blocking and denying a friend request?

Denying a friend request means that the other person can send another friend request in future. Blocking a friend request means you will never see another friend request from that person again.